VFAS is a real estate valuation firm distinguished by the extensive knowledge of its staff. Attention to detail, familiarity with complex properties, and a wealth of historical data are trademarks of the company. The company appraises each property with care, performing a thorough analysis according to the standards and ethics of our profession.

Customers of VFAS can expect a professional and accurate appraisal report providing the valuation of a property. Appraisals performed by VFAS include:

  • Extensive research

  • Intelligent analysis

  • Reasonable and supportive opinions

  • Sound judgment

  • Historical data

Our detailed analysis includes a physical inspection of the property as well as interior and exterior photos.

Appraisal services performed by VFAS are divided into two categories:

  • Residential Services. VFAS provides appraisal and consulting services on all real property types – with a specialization in select residential properties in the MD area. Appraisal services are offered for single family, 1-4 unit properties, multi-unit apartment buildings, condominiums, co-operatives and historical preservations (façade) easements.

When do you need an appraisal? Buying or selling a property is most often the reason for an appraisal. But there are other circumstances when an appraisal becomes a valuable resource.

  • Estate. An appraisal is required to form an opinion of the market value for the subject property. An accurate analysis is key to all parties involved. The IRS requires qualified appraisals for determining taxes.

  • Divorce. A divorce appraisal must be well documented and accurate. It must be able to withstand intense scrutiny in a deposition or court testimony.

  • Eminent Domain. When your property is being taken from you, either by eminent domain or because of condemnation, the appraisal report determines the fair market value of the property. It should be detailed and accurate and performed by an experienced appraiser.

  • Relocation. We have been involved in the relocation process since the 2005. While your company may be interested in moving you quickly, we understand that an accurate appraisal of your home is important to the compensation you will receive.

  • Pre-listing appraisal. VFAS is often asked to provide an unbiased opinion for marketing purposes. As experienced appraisers, we will provide the most accurate and objective value of your home.

  • Assessment appeal. Local jurisdictions use mass appraisal techniques to determine the value of your home. You may want an accurate representation from an experienced and independent appraiser.

Our detailed analysis includes a physical inspection of the property as well as interior and exterior photos.